Obeying a call to Medical Missions

In 1982, as a second year under-graduate medical student at the Kilpauk Medical College in Madras (1), I made a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ. I started a Bible Study group in college and we discussed how to live the Christian life and make decisions that were approved in God’s sight. We heard many messages on the topic, “Finding God’s Will” but many of us were not able to get a clear convincing personal answer to this burning question. Read More.

Dr. Vijay

It has been a year since I left my work in Nav Jivan Hospital ( NJH), an EHA unit in Satbarwa, Jharkhand. Working in Jharkhand was an eye opener for me . I am thankful for the opportunity to experience first hand the ground realities of rural health care in North India. You can read about my initial observations in a write up titled “ 100 days in NJH ”.

Much has changed in my work over the past 1 year. I have moved on to rural Assam and am currently working as a consultant Physician in Makunda Christian Leprosy and General Hospital, an EHA unit in Karimgang district of Assam. Read More.

Dr. Roshine

I hope all of you are doing well. A small update from Ethiopia, where I am working in Gambo General Rural Hospital since three weeks. As the name says it is a rural hospital and -like makunda- it was started as a leprosy colony, with still a leprosy ward where up to 40 patients can stay. Read More.

Dr. Juul Bakker

Sometimes, I feel a bit homesick for my period at Makunda. I am missing the craziness of India, the hardworking nurses with their angel voices on Sunday singing in the church and the fireflies in the rice fields nearby our house. It has been a while now and I hope everybody is doing fine. Read More.

Dr. Jessica Nomen

Dear Makunda friends,

Hope you are doing well. Currently i'm working in South Sudan. After independence in 2011 a conflict started in 2013 between different (ethnic) groups. There is a food crisis and in some parts of the country a famine. This hospital was founded as a project for visceral leishmaniasis (infectious disease) but is now a general hospital in a remote area. Read More.

Dr. Judith Pekelharing

I began this story in the library of a rural hospital where I happen to work after I finished my internship. It was late in the night, my friend and I were winding up the day's futile learning. Just then we got a ping saying - there are doctors needed a more rural set up in the north-eastern part of India. My friend who is always up for a challenge said, ' if only I had the choice I would go'. I on the other hand just scrolled down the message like every other proposal we had in the past from many mission hospitals. Little did I know that this small ping would change the course of my life in the future to come. That night as I laid down to sleep I couldn’t shake this small ping from my mind. So I started praying about it. I got a strong feeling that I should go to the northeast. At that time, I didn’t know the struggles I would have to face to get to the northeast, neither did I realize the gravity of the decision that I have taken. Being young, I sought the wisdom of my foster parents in the hospital I worked in. They encouraged me to follow this exceptional path I have chosen. On the other hand, I was discouraged by many others. I realized that every decision that I take, which doesn’t make logical sense, will have its fair share of opposition. Read More.

Dr. Jane Gigi

I have completed my MBBS course from AGMC, Tripura in the year 2018 and have joined Makunda mission hospital after my internship. During my 5 years of studies, I attended EU fellowships and also EU camps which helped me to get closer to GOD and know His will and purpose for my life. In the year 2016, there held a DTC (Discipleship training camp) in Makunda Christian leprosy and General Hospital. I was inspired by the testimonies of the two missionary doctors: Dr Vijay and Dr Ann. The way they have sacrificed their life for missions and started the mission hospital. They hearkened and obeyed the voice of GOD to serve the poor and the helpless in the most remote places like Makunda. What inspired me the most was, in spite of all the opportunities to work in the best places and great hospitals, they chose to work in Makunda. They sacrificed all the best offers just to serve the living God. In those times it was very hard to survive, with no electricity or water, but today we have many facilities in Makunda. Praise God. Read More.

Imlirenla Longchar

I never thought that as a doctor I can also do various missionary works through our selfless service to the underprivileged and deprived society, people who need medical attention. It was during my second year of MBBS that I had an opportunity to visit Makunda Mission Hospital along with some of my friends. Fortunately, we could meet Dr. Vijay and spent some time with him, he taught us about the practical meaning of 'missions' through his life and works done at Makunda hospital. I was so inspired by the hard work and sacrifices that he and his wife Dr. Ann had made to bring up the nearly shut down hospital back to life. Hence, the meeting with Dr. Vijay and seeing the work in Makunda, made up my mind to join Makunda after I would finish my MBBS for at least a year or more before I join my bond service in my state. I always prayed for it, so that when the times arrives I can willingly join without any hesitation. Read More.

Dr Arkilang Synrem

I will ever remain obliged to Makunda and its people. It gave me a sense of purpose in my life. The relationship between teachers and students has greatly shaped my life. They motivate me to reach higher standards. It encouraged me to contribute to the needs of society keeping aside one's desire for worldly gain. I owe Makunda immensely, to which I can never repay. Finally, as stated in the mission and vision (third point) of Makunda Christian Leprosy and General Hospital, "To create and sustain a pool of trained manpower and inculcate in them the values of Christian service as exemplified by the life of our Lord Jesus". I pray that Makunda hospital and Makunda High school will continue to host and be the driving force to build up the young ones for service in the Lord's mission as it has been doing to date. Read More.

Yiekhwetso K Lohe